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Terms and conditions

1. General terms of conditions

  1. Distribution area for the products is Finland and Åland..
  2. Designverkkokauppa.com sells its products for consumers as well as companies.
  3. Designverkkokauppa.com reserves the right to modify these terms without prior notice. Applicable terms and conditions are applied always to all new orders. Any changes to the current law will take effect immediately unless otherwise stated in the law.
  4. All customer information records are confidential at Designverkkokauppa.com. Any information will not be passed on to a third party.
  5. Designverkkokauppa.com agrees to commit to existing laws regarding business to consumers as well as distance selling defined by Finland and the European Union.
  6. The customer must be at least 18 – years old.

2. Prices and products

  1. Product prices are total prices including VAT. The final selling price depends on the method of delivery.
  2. The cost of shipping may vary depending on the method of delivery. Applicable prices for delivery are shown when placing an order. Delivery methods can be viewed here.
  3. Prices: Designverkkokauppa.com will take care of correct price information although;;
  4. should there be any clear errors in the prices shown and an assumption can be made that the customer should have understood the incorrect price the product will not be sold at a lower price.
  5. The Customer is obliged to read the instruction manual before use. Designverkkokauppa.com will not be responsible should the customer install the product when the instruction manual states that in order to install the product a professional is required.
  6. Should the desired product not be available when an order has already been placed (f.e. the production has closed down, strike), Designverkkokauppa.com will inform the customer. In situations like these the customer is entitled to either change or cancel the order.
  7. The quantities of the products will be updated to Designverkkokauppa.com on a daily basis.
  8. Should the delivery be delayed from what was stated earlier the consumer can either accept the delayed order or cancel the order.
  9. Delays in the delivery process: if the product delivery time is critically longer than the delivery date mentioned Designverkkokauppa.com will notify the customer.

3. How to order and cancel the order

  1. Orders from Åland should be sent via e-mail to info@designverkkokauppa.com. The e-mail should contain information of the desired product as well as the quantity and shipping address. A quotation from us is sent within 24 hours including product prices, duty fees, local taxes as well as transportation costs.
  2. The customer is obligated to give full contact details when placing an order. An order does not require registration to Designverkkokauppa.com customer registry. Consumers need to give at least full name, shipping address, phone number and an e-mail address. Companies are required to give contact name, phone number, e-mail address, company’s corporate registration number and shipping address.
  3. Vacations and public holidays may cause delay for the delivery times. The usual delivery time for on-demand product is 3-5 weeks. The products in stock are an exception.
  4. Delivery time estimates stated on the web site are based on suppliers’ given information. Products in stock are an exception. Designverkkokauppa.com will report any changes in delivery time.
  5. If the purchased product is particularly requested by the customer to be ordered, manufactured or modified and should the customer cancel the order all costs will be paid by the customer in whole with a minimum of a handling fee 20 euros.
  6. Should the customer cancel the order before the product has been delivered in minimum a handling fee 20 euros will be charged.
  7. Designverkkokauppa.com will not be obliged to pay any compensation in case of Force Majeure (f.e. strike, causes depending on suppliers).

4. Shipping and payment

  1. Completed orders will be sent from storage on an average of 2- 4 working days processing time. Transport time is usually 1-2 working days in Finland. The completed order means that all products are reserved in stock and the products have been paid.
  2. A current list of payment methods can be found here.
  3. .
  4. Online banking customers have to be either Aktia, Nordea, Sampo Bank, Osuuspankki or S-bank client. The order will be paid by clicking customer’s own bank logo. To be able to pay an online bank account needed.
  5. We accept Visa Electron, Visa and Mastercard. Our online service also uses the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode systems, which enable upgraded security for money transactions.

5. Right of return and returning

  1. Products bought from web shop have consumer trade relations with a limited 14-day money back guarantee. Product must be unused and unopened in its original package. Designverkkokauppa.com provides the client with the spirit of the law right of access to the product. The act aims the consumer access to the product as it is in the store.
  2. Products should be packed carefully, so that when returning, products won’t be damaged. Designverkkokauppa.com recommends use a product’s original package, which manufacturer has designed for the safe driving. Otherwise, products should be covered with cushion at least 10cm around.
  3. Customer returns and repair supplies are always delivered by Matkahuolto.
  4. Designverkkokauppa.com’s product return is free of charge and is carried out by Matkahuolto. In case of returning the product the customer should contact Matkahuolto in order to return the product to Designverkkokauppa.com address Apilakatu 16, 20740 Turku.
  5. Designverkkokauppa.com reserves the right to recover the cost from the customer if the customer returns have been made in violation of contract terms. The customer has to pay Designverkkokauppa.com’s handling costs 20 euros and postage.
  6. Designverkkokauppa.com is not responsible if the package is damaged in transportation, if the package is carelessly wrapped and against the terms and conditions.
  7. The client is obligated to maintain all of the documentation of the return.

6. Claim

  1. In any case of reclamation the client must have a receipt of the product to prove that the item is purchased of Designverkkokauppa.com. Also the client must sent a photo of the broken item and a statement of the broken item.
  2. Designverkkokauppa.com handles only a written complain, which can be sent by e-mail to info@designverkkokauppa.com.
  3. The buyer has the right to complain of an error within two months after discovery a fault.
  4. However we recommend that the customer checks the product as soon as it is received if the product is damaged by transport can Designverkkokauppa.com take care immediately the matter and resolved it. In situations like this we request customer contact immediately to our Customer service +35820 795 9810 (Weekdays 09.00-17.00) or info@designverkkokauppa.com
  5. Consumer advice and the Consumer Complaint Board offers free assistance to resolving differences, so Designverkkokauppa.com is not a substitute agent for the customer cost.


Designverkkokauppa.com’s product warranty is one year from date of purchase.Each warranty is considered case by case basis, and thus resolved; can a product be repaired, replace the broken part or replace the new one.

In case of questions you can contact our customer service tel +35820 795 9810 (Monday to Friday from 09:00-17:00).